ADCO South Inc. is a full-service Roofing & Waterproofing contracting firm in southern California. Our primary customers manage or own Commercial, Industrial, and Multifamily properties. Repairs, Inspections, roof maintenance, full roof systems as well as above and below grade waterproofing is what we are best known for. We offer competitive prices, take pride in our workmanship, we also provide prompt and courteous service. At ADCO South, our goal is to execute your projects with unparalleled performance. Our team uses the latest technology to generate schedules, collaborate and to stay on top of our work quality daily.

Whether your project is commercial, multi-family, new construction or repair of an existing building, apartment or condominium community, our highly-trained team can recommend the best systems and methods to keep your property water-tight, and to extend the life of your investment.

Business Address:
1896 North Main St.
Orange, CA

Edward Wallace