Limbach represents a contractor with Proven Solutions and an extensive local and national track record.   Limbach as been in Southern California since 1934, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Limbach Facility Services, LLC.  Limbach is uniquely qualified and specializes in providing solutions to our customer's mechanical needs.  Limbach's service process is geared to owners' concerns about saving time and energy by continuously improving efficiency and reliability.  As a building owner, you are challenged with getting the most out of your HVAC investment every day.  Your facility must function at the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, while providing employees a comfortable working environment.  Adhering to a proactive maintenance schedule lowers your total cost to ownership.  Our experienced and talented service team is geared to take care of your entire system, so you can take care of business. 

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1709 Apollo Ct.
Seal Beach, CA 90720 

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